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Gene-edited cell lines

Gene-edited cell lines refer to cells that have undergone genetic modifications through a process known as gene editing. Gene editing involves making changes to the DNA of an organism, often with the aim of studying specific genes or understanding certain biological processes.

Using gene editing technology, it is possible to achieve gene activation cell lines, knock-out cell lines, point mutation, or knock-in cell lines of genes in specific cells, which can then be used to study gene function, signaling, disease mechanisms, and drug development, as well as to label specific cells.

There are several reasons why gene-edited cell lines are valuable for scientific research. Firstly, they provide a tool to study the function of specific genes. By altering the genes in a controlled environment, scientists can observe the effect of gene modifications on cell behavior or other biological processes. This knowledge can contribute to a better understanding of genetic diseases, as well as identify potential therapeutic targets.

Additionally, gene-edited cell lines can be used to develop and test new drugs. By introducing specific genetic modifications, scientists can create cell lines that mimic disease conditions, enabling them to assess the effectiveness of potential treatments. This allows for more accurate and efficient drug development processes.

Moreover, gene-edited cell lines have the potential for applications in regenerative medicine. By modifying the genes responsible for cell behavior or differentiation, scientists can enhance the therapeutic potential of stem cells or create cells that are more suitable for transplantation.


1. Gene-edited multi-locus at the same time;

2. providing one-stop service from sgRNA design and synthesis to cell line screening;

3. Rich experience in gene synthesis to help gene editing vectors from scheme design to construction completion.


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