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Quickmice™ Fast Homozygous Mouse Customization

A cell is said to be homozygous for a particular gene when identical alleles of the gene are present on both homologous chromosomes.

The homozygous mouse model is a commonly utilized lab animal that has been edited genetically to have two identical copies of a specific gene. This model is extensively employed in scientific investigations to examine different genetic disorders and diseases.

With traditional technology, it takes at least 2-3 generations of breeding and screening to get the homozygous mice from funder mice, which costs a total of 10-12 months with low success rates.

A New generation of Rapid Mouse Preparation Technology


We can quickly provide you with homozygous mouse models by applying TurboMice™ technology to improve the success rate.
Based on the optimal gene editing program by our scientists, we can complete the screening of edited embryonic stem cells within 3-5 days, then construct tetraploid embryo. After maternal surrogacy, the homozygous mice can be obtained within 2-4 months, which can save 7-8 months for customers.

Service Content

Service No. Technical indexes Delivery content Delivery cycle
MC009-1 length of single gene <5kb 3-9 homozygous male mice 2-4 months
MC009-2 length of single gene <5kb 10-19 homozygous male mice 2-4 months
MC009-3 length of single gene <5kb 20 homozygous male mice 3-5 months
MC009-4 length of single gene is 5kb-10kb 3-9 homozygous male mice 3-4 months
MC009-5 length of single gene is 5kb-10kb 10-19 homozygous male mice 3-4 months
MC009-6 length of single gene is 5kb-10kb 20 homozygous male mice 3-5 months

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